"We're driven to explore all that life has to offer, in the most adventurous way. On two wheels we ride to move our own boundaries every day. Our passion for adventure is matched by our drive to inspire others to live their life to the fullest.

We're at the start of an adventure of which only the stars know the way. We feel very fortunate to share our journey with the world. The amount of support, friendships and leading edge companies that are connected to our journey, is overwhelming.

Our biggest challenge is to fully utilize all the possibilities our amazing gear has to offer. We work with the best gear from the best brands, which means that it is up to us to challenge ourselves to go one step further, every day.

Without the support of our partners, our journey wouldn't have been possible. We are very grateful for your commitment to our journey. Please take a moment and find out all that our partners have to offer. We'll promise you one thing, you'll be glad you did.

To all our partners, we are very grateful. Ride safe and go beyond."
Nadia & Mitchel

Brand Ambassadors



The perfect suit doesn't exist right? Well KLIM aims to make those suits anyway.

KLIM provides us with motorcycle gear. Nadia is riding in Artemis Hi-Vision Sage while Mitchel is riding in a Badlands Pro Cool Gray.

In return we provide KLIM with exposure and high quality content.


Turkana Gear

Riding all-road every day requires a luggage system that's build to last! We now have the perfect solution.

Turkana provides us with their HippoHips™ 30L Saddlebags and Duffalo™ 40 Litre Duffel Bags.

In return we provide Turkana with authentic content and social media support.

Allroad Adventures_Logo_FC_Dev_2020

Allroad Adventures

How to maximise the fun in riding all-road? Knowing even better what you are doing!

Allroad Adventures provides us with soft and hard all-road training on our bikes.

In return we provide Allroad Adventures with original content and social media exposure.

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