Life isn’t meant to be hard, which is why we partnered with Scottoiler. No longer do we worry about dirty chains and fast wearing. Our riding life has become easier, and we are proud to represent Scottoiler on our travels since June of ‘22.

Scottoiler takes care of the Tender Loving Care for our chains, with ease!

Scottoiler offers their top-notch xSystem 2.0 for us to use. This electronic chain lubrication system, with its high-quality biodegradable oil, helps our chain last much longer.

Use code ‘THEGREATRIDEALONG’ for 10% off.

In exchange, we offer Scottoiler social media exposure and high-quality content.

For more information about Scottoiler, please visit their website. If you would like to see more content that we have created for Scottoiler, please visit our Instagram page (@thegreatridealong).