Bushcraftshop.nl became our partner in August of ’23. Since then, we have been proud to represent the Dutch company as we explore different continents. Our partnership with Bushcraftshop.nl was formed instantly due to our shared values of quality, sustainability, and adventure.

Travelling full-time on two motorbikes demands durable, multi-seasonal, lightweight, and compact gear. With the support of Bushcraftshop.nl, we found the perfect solution for our sleeping gear.

Bushcraftshop.nl provides us with the Robens Couloir 350 Sleeping Bag for our outdoor camping nights. They also keep us well hydrated by supplying the Lifesaver Wayfarer – Outdoor Waterfilter with Activated Carbon Discs.

In return, we offer Bushcraftshop.nl high-quality content and social media exposure.

For more information about Bushcraftshop.nl, visit their website. To see more content that we made for Bushcraftshop.nl, visit our Instagram page (@thegreatridealong).

Content showcase coming soon.