Thnx tags joined our journey as a partner in June of ’23. Since then, we’ve been proud to represent thnx tags as we travel to more and more countries on all different continents.

As full-time travelers using motorbikes, planes, and water transport, we carry a lot of luggage that we cannot afford to lose. However, the risk of losing it will always be present. With thnx tags, we have a solution if we do lose our luggage and treasured items. Thnx tags are marked with a QR code that allows any finder to contact us effortlessly and directly. We believe that the world is full of honest people who would help us recover our lost items.

Thanks to THNX Tags, we have two of their Smart Travel Pack XXL, which provides enough markers for our belongings.

In return, we provide thnx tags with content and social media exposure.

For more information about thnx tags, please visit their website. To see even more content that we’ve made for thnx tags, visit our Instagram account (@thegreatridealong).

Content showcase coming soon.