The Plan

The plan for The Great Ride Along consists of three pillars: the journey, the adventure and the lifestyle. Each pillar is equally important for The Great Ride Along to be successful.

The Journey

The target date to start the actual journey on the bikes is the 1st of June, 2022.

We'll start in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, where we are currently living and our workshop is located. From here we'll drive through...

Around the World on a Motorcycle
Around the World Journey

The Adventure

Although the riding on the bikes is a great and important part of The Great Ride Along, another particular and import part of The Great Ride Along is the adventure when we are not riding the bikes.

The Lifestyle

We wake up early and pack our stuff, check all the equipment and program the route into the navigational systems.

Just before we head off, we have a cup of coffee (tea for Nadia) and maybe a small breakfast.

Traveling Around the World
Nadia Pop | Co-Founder & Charity Manager

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