The Lifestyle

Back in the 1980's Dolly Parton already sang that "working 9 to 5" wasn't a great way to make a living.

The lifestyle of a travelvlogger couldn't be more opposite from the 'standard' 9 to 5 job most of us know. It is an exciting journey! So with every decision we make, we want you to be a part of that journey with us.


We bring you along for the ride. Literally!

Besides the journey of riding the bikes and the adventure of camping and surviving, we bring you along in every aspect. Every important decision, every event, the rides and of course all the good, the bad and the ugly. It's foolish to think that this doesn't impact us. The impact is huge!

World Travel Adventures

Life on the road: start of the day

We wake up early and pack our stuff, check all the equipment and program the route into the navigational systems. Just before we head off, we have a cup of coffee (tea for Nadia) and maybe a small breakfast.


Life on the road: travelling freely

It's during the day that we can travel freely and go explore sights along the route. We arrive somewhere in the afternoon, depending on the duration and distance we want to travel that day.


Life on the road: business after dinner

After dinner we work on the online content, like the youtube videos and instagram updates.


Just one take. No do-overs.

We film everything all day and all night: from waking up, to the lunch, to the breaks and small decisions about the route, to the night life and the life 'behind the camera' (editing, management, business, etc.).


Life on the road: first stop

By the time we have the first stop (hopefully after riding for a couple of hours), we'll have a full brunch. We do the business meetings during the brunch, update Instagram and the other socials and do another gear check. From here we continue towards our destination for the day.

Around the World Adventures

Life on the road: building camp

After arriving, the first focus is to create a safe and comfortable place for the night, start a fire, etc. We have some time to ourselves to relax after a day of travel and 'work'.

The Great Ride Along Lifestyle | Motorcycle Adventures Around the World

Life on the road: we decide

Every day is different. We decide whether we are working more, travelling more, relaxing more.

Whatever we want. We decide.

How we spend our time 'working'

Riding the bikes
Offline business
Online business
Charity projects
Video- and photo editing
Doing what we love

Ultimate lifestyle

Is this our ultimate lifestyle? Our biggest dream? Yes and no!

Our dream is to travel without limitations and go beyond our imagination. The hard and constant work creates all the possibilities we could ever dream off. But...

We hope that with time the possibility arises to outsource some of the work and to be able to focus even more on travelling. Whether that will become reality, only time can tell.

Nadia Pop | Co-Founder & Charity Manager

"With your help we can support even more projects."

Mitchel de Jager | Co-Founder & Charity Manager

"Together we make the world better. One step at a time."