The Adventure

Although riding the bikes is a great part of The Great Ride Along, another important part of The Great Ride Along is the adventure when we aren't riding the bikes.

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Adventure off the bikes

We aim to be fully self-sufficient. This means we not only need to carry a great deal of equipment, but are also faced with many important decisions.

The first things we thought of course were the tent, sleeping gear and a fuel-stove for hot meals and coffee. But...

Packing and preparing

The list of things to pack is very long. Most of the items on the list require one or more decisions, the lion's share being about the balance of comfort, volume (size) and investment.

For example, the list of first aid items consisted of over one hunderd items.

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Mechanical hurdles

Another important part of the adventure is the ability to repair the bikes if they breakdown. Inevitably, there will be some mechanical complications beyond our understanding.

However, we aim to repair issues ourselves wherever possible, whether it's by fixing or replacing a part or by using tyraps and duct tape.

Living fully indepent

The most extreme part of our adventure is the ambition to be fully independent, even in wild and remote areas, like desserts and jungles.

To accomplish this, we bring along jerrycans with water and fuel, a GPS-tracker and emergency rations. Depending on the area and the expected kind of challenges, we bring extra food, water, spare parts, medicine et cetera.

Nadia Pop | Co-Founder & Charity Manager

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