Why we are looking for charities

We are very grateful to do The Great Ride Along. To show our appreciation and gratitude, we want to pay it forward. Inspired by the amazing movie 'Pay It Forward' (2000) we are looking for charities that we can support, visit and help however possible by paying it forward.

Pay It Forward Charity | Traveling Around the World | The Great Ride Along

The challenge

Supporting your project in the way you need

With The Great Ride Along we are going to support a lot of NGO's and social-sustainable projects in all of the different countries. Our support will be measured to the needs of the projects and our possibilities. At least we will promote the work done by the projects on our socials. Our focus is to boost every project and bring along our community.

The solution

From showcasing to coaching

The impact of the program varies based on the needs of the project. We are open to all kinds of support, from publicity to coaching in leadership and a change to gain donor interest... together we'll find the right fit!

Even though the intensity of the collaboration will most likely spike at the moment of physically meeting, we see the collaboration as a process. We are working together before, during and after the meetings. Maybe we'll even meet again...

The Great Ride Along
Nadia Pop | Co-Founder & Charity Manager

Take the next step with your project today with our collaboration proposal

There are so many opportunities to work together!
Together we set the stage for future success. If you are or know a NGO or project that would like to collaborate; let us know. Send Nadia, Charity Manager, a DM on Instagram (@nadiavictoriahelena) or contact her via email (nadia@thegreatridealong.com).

Nadia Pop | Co-Founder & Charity Manager

"With your help we can support even more projects."

Mitchel de Jager | Co-Founder & Charity Manager

"Together we make the world better. One step at a time."