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Why MijnBedrijf.Online became our first partner

Within two months of starting, the first partner joined The Great Ride Along. They share their story with you.

Partnerships we are actively pursuing

Mobility partner

We are not just on your average road-trip, we are on two motorbikes. We need bikes that take us where we need to go, on and off the known paths. What is our perfect match?

Adventure partner

We are going on an adventure, all the way! From camping in the middle of nowhere to going 'off the grid' for days. Are you the partner that will help us survive?

Connectivity partner

Right now there are a lot of unknowns, but one thing is very sure, we are hitting a lot of countries. Varying from days to weeks, we are real travellers. The online business must go on, no matter where we are. Are you enabling us to stay online and in contact?

Data partner

With over 8 cameras making 4K+ video and RAW photography, the data is piling up. We need some storage online, but mostly offline. Durable, weather and travel resistant, allowing us to keep documenting this great ride. Shall we talk terabytes?

Creativity partner

The Great Ride Along is an adventure that we are sharing with the world! Using only the best photo- and video equipment available we share a unique story. How about we share an amazing story together?


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Mitchel de Jager
Partnership manager

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Mitchel de Jager | Co-Founder & Charity Manager