Are you already living your dream life?

Personal & Mindset Coaching

Do you reconize one of the following challenges?

Low self-esteem

You find it hard to stand up for yourself.

You feel like you're not worth it.

Lack of confidence

You question yourself all (or most) of the time.

You feel very small and vulnerable.

Not owning your entrepreneurship

You know you're strong and what you want. But stop at taking direct action.

Doubtful about life choices

You're not sure what you want in life.

If you know what you want, it's very hard to take action.

Not connected to your inner flame

Your inner flame is burning low.

You lack spirit to create.

What will this bring you?

The Great Ride Along | Live Your Dream Life and Foundation Coaching


I help you to reconnect with your own strength.

As a woman I help you to find the courage to make the right choices.

Live Your Dream Life Coaching


Together we find a way for you to take control over your life.

We start with leadership over yourself, which gives you confidences in all relationships around you.

Live Your Dream Life


It's up to you to turn your life into something.

I help you to take responsibility for your life and your choices.

The Great Ride Along


Together we set your targets, personal and professional. 

I guide you to become the most goal driven version of yourself, with decisiveness like never before.


Marco Trainer

Nadia emphasises very well into the client's situation, guides and coaches in an enthusiastic and accessible manner and does not hesitate to go 'in depth' when possible.

Sandrine Colleague

With softness Nadia guides her clients, directly from heart to heart. She is very sincere, speaks with her heart and also lets her sense of humor show.

Natasja Client

Nadia is a pleasant and authentic coach. She intuitively feels what is needed to let the energy flow in your body again. She guides you calmly and with gentleness. A breathing session with Nadia will bring you back to yourself!

Coach Nadia

A intuitive powerwoman

"As a woman you do not have to be sweet and submissive. It won't get you very far in any case!

If you don't stand up for yourself, no one else will. No one is going to give you your dream life as a gift."

"I will help you to embrace what you already are and make steps towards your dream-life."


With every coaching package, we send you digital intake to fill out.

This takes about 30 minutes.

After analysing the intake, we either have a written contact about your goal of the coaching or have the first session.

From here we plan the next steps together, based on your needs.


The best coaching method is selected based on your needs.

If a physical meeting is possible, we definitely recommend at least one a Breathfulness© intensive breathing session. This is only possible if you're able to visit The Netherlands (always an option) or if we are close by while travelling.

For coaching methods see the slide 'methodology.


Some of the possible coaching methods:

  • Enneagram of personalities
  • Enneagram of life stages
  • Enneagram the process model
  • Breathfulness© coaching
  • Family and relationship constellations
  • Intuitive coaching

Follow up

A important part of the coaching proces is the follow-up.

Before, during and after the coaching trajectory we are there for you. It's very likely that effects occur after the session or intervention.

We are there for you. We are 100% committed.

I, Nadia, am a licensed Breathfulness© coach. My experience in coaching and drive to help others live their 'ultimate life' made the decision to continue coaching on the road very easy.

Whether it's via video-call or face-to-face, I am here to help you achieve that dream: your ultimate life.